Create. Share. Credit. Repeat.

You are an educator and a creator and a curator. You have insight into what your students need, and you have ideas for designing instructional materials that lead to authentic learning experiences. With that in mind, you want to pull from the best resources for your students—which often means working beyond the textbook or pre-packaged curriculum. But how can you do so responsibly?

In Copyrighteous, educator Diana Gill encourages teachers, administrators, and students to use and share their creative voices as learners. Through her examples and stories, you’ll learn.

  • How you can use copyright to be responsible and break the rules

  • How to model best practices for sharing in this digitally connected world

  • Why considering copyright makes you a better designer

  • How to support students and colleagues as creators

Discover how considering copyright can be a catalyst for creativity, not the death of it.